How To Be Professional And Craft A Good Email Every Time

How To Be Professional And Craft A Good Email Every Time
12 April 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
An average office worker receives around 121 emails a day and sends out about 40 emails daily, that is a lot of emails floating around the wide world web. Obviously emails vary, from super important work emails to flash sales from your favourite designers but if you are sending out emails it is imperative you get them right. Unfortunately, a misspelt email or wrong recipient can make you not only look silly to your co –workers but could be detrimental for your career or bonus come Christmas so it’s about time we went through some basic email must do’s to ensure your email game is on point.
A good email persuades its reader to take a specific action, so making sure you get to the point quickly, construct the email well so it’s easy to read and attach anything that needs action is a good start, read on to see what else you should be doing to construct killer emails.
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1. Make sure you use the subject header to your advantage

Use clever one liners to reel the email reader in, use your subject header to convey opportunity and benefit to the reader rather than effort or more work from them. If you would like their feedback on something you have been working on I always like to add to the subject header “draft one” so the reader knows you are awaiting feedback, this may help to get the document read faster and for the reader to prioritise your email.

2. Think about the goal before you type your email

Do you need or want someone to do something? Are you providing them with information? Thinking about exactly how you’re going to pen your email and how you will address the recipient, this is the first starting point of determining whether the email is cordial, casual or serious and will set the tone for the remainder of the email.

3. Make sure your spelling and grammar is correct

It may sound simple, but sometimes in our hast to get our point across or ask for something from a colleague we can forget to check our spelling and grammar before hitting the send button. Read and re-read your email before sending, ask yourself
  • Is it too wordy?
  • Have I got my point across or asked for what I need in the best way?
  • Is it addressed to the right person and have I spelt their name correctly?
  • Have I checked (and double-checked) my punctuation and grammar?
If the answer is yes to all of the above, then you are well on your way to constructing a killer email.

4. Always start your email with a positive spin

When responding to professional emails, it is always best to open with a compliment like ‘Hi Ava, thanks so much for coming back to me so quickly, I know how busy you are” . If the email is nasty or ruse, do not respond straight away and ensure you are replying with content and not out of anger from the contents of the email. If you are E-introducing yourself then I would recommend you start the email with an overview of where you had met them previously and where you got their email address from, try something like “Hi Ruby, I’m a friend of Sam’s from Marketing and he passed on your email so I could discuss X with you”

5. Kiss

Not me silly, Keep It Simple and Sweet (Kiss)
Simplify your emails by using short paragraphs and bullet points where you can, and avoid using abbreviations and colloquial English.

Image credit: from Pexels.
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