Creatives – How To Make A Great Portfolio

Creatives – How To Make A Great Portfolio
12 April 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
As a creative, your design portfolio is your bible, it needs to show the depth of your work and it is the first thing anyone who is thinking of hiring you will want to see.
It needs to be an overview of your creative processes and also outline your experience, skills, and an overview showing off your creative flair and how you best convey a message.
There are lots of opinions on how a portfolio should look, but overall the point is to impress and show off how you will be a valuable asset to the company you are wanting to work with. There are some golden rules though that shouldn’t be missed, so let’s take a look at these and get you started on making you an epic portfolio that is sure to nail the jobs you want in the future.

Get an online portfolio

For my social media business, I made an online portfolio using squarespace which outlines the scopes of work my business undertakes as well as shows off the companies I work/have worked with and also has all of my food photography pooled in one place. It’s a great way to show potential clients my work in interviews and pitch meetings and have everything pooled in one place.

When only the best will do

Your portfolio should only showcase your best work, if you don’t love it or aren’t super proud of it then don’t include it. As hard as it might be to self-edit your work you must be quite ruthless in the portfolio edit. If you are unsure ask a friends opinion who’s feedback you trust, this might help you to clear out any of the unnecessary things you don’t need.

Make your portfolio bespoke for each client

When sending out a PDF sampler of your work, curate the portfolio to suit each client. If the client you are pitching too is a fashion house then remove the past corporate work you have done, clients will only be interested in the work you have done that applies to them.

Flex your creative muscles

Self-initiated work is super important to include in your portfolio as well as potential employers will want to see where your passions lie and the kind of work you would do if you weren’t working on a brief. It will also show off your talents and give you something cool to chat about during the interview process.

To print or not to print? That is the question.

How you present your portfolio is super important too, while print is pretty much redundant it’s time to upgrade to an iPad for any interviews you may be asked to attend. With that being said if a project you’ve been working on looks better with different paper stocks and finishes then bring those pieces along to the interview too, you may not get to them after you show off your illustrations and photoshoots on the iPad but it is good to have them there just in case.

Overall the winning combination is a killer portfolio along with the ability to deliver and talk through it with confidence. Know your work back to front and be ready to answer any questions that should arise. Explain the back story ad be enthusiastic in your approach, now go on and nail your dream job!

Image credit: Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash
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