Self-care 101: building stronger relationships

Self-care 101: building stronger relationships
7 September 2020    Donnay Torr    0 comments
From Mean Girls-style frenemies to toxic bullies and bad bosses: the people we surround ourselves with can make or break us. Try our relationship hacks to help you build stronger, more positive bonds with friends, family, and colleagues, whether at home, at school or in the workplace.
The results from our Skillsroad COVID-19 Youth Survey are in - and young Australia, you are STRESSED! Mental Health Issues are your biggest concern: many of you feel isolated and unsafe and want better support to navigate the future. And, as it turns out, more young women than young men are struggling with their mental health and well-being. So, since Women’s Health Week kicks off today, we figured we’d start you off with some practical self-care tips and tricks to help you. (And by “you”, we mean young women, young men, young non-binary people... EVERYBODY can do with a bit of TLC!) 
Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you - Misty Copeland

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How to rock the friend zone

The people in our lives can make a big difference to our health and well-being, mentally and physically. Ask yourself: is your relationship worth more than the sum of its parts? Basically, what this means is that together, you bring out the best in each other and amplify each other’s good bits, energy and positivity. Together, you’re “more” than you would be apart. Relationships and friendships where you are “more” are valuable, and you should cherish them.

It’s also true that some relationships make you “less” than who you’d be on your own: less happy, less productive, less sure of yourself. Those are the ones you need to rethink.

It’s cliched, but true: to have a friend, you have to be one, too. It takes hard work, patience, acceptance and respect to become a good friend, so make sure you spend your time on the right people.

We’ve compiled a bunch of resources to help you get better at building relationships – click on the images to download actionable tips or on the links for more information!

How to pick your QuaranTeam

They’re the people you wouldn’t mind getting stuck in a small room with… Here’s how to pick your fam.

TL;DR: Pick people who...
  • You trust, and who trust you – if you love them, and they love you back, even better.
  • Who are positive but still practically realistic.
  • Who can make you smile and feel better.
  • Who can keep you calm and focused.
  • Are willing to help out when needed, be it with cleaning the kitchen or being a shoulder to cry on.
  • Are self-sufficient and know how to survive – for when the actual zombies start coming!
  • Have vision and creativity, want to plan for the future and their goals, and motivate you to come along.
  • Are kind towards themselves and others.
  • Know how to cook!
  • Won’t lie, eat all the snacks, be mean to others or spread fake news!

How to deal with conflict in relationships

In every relationship, a little rain must fall… But how wet you get is all up to how you use the conflict-resolution umbrella (how’s that for mixed metaphors?!).

TL;DR: Follow these steps to deal with conflict productively:
  • Keep quiet
  • Breathe deeply
  • Listen carefully
  • Think carefully
  • Focus on behaviour and events, not on personality
  • Talk to determine the outcome and plan that works
  • Repeat

How to have a tough conversation

Sometimes, you’re going to have to have a difficult conversation with someone you’re close to, be it a colleague at work, a BFF or a parent. Download our tips to navigate tricky conversations here.

TL;DR: These are the basics of starting a tricky convo:
  • Arrange a meeting
  • Explain the situation/context
  • Frame the convo gracefully
  • Ask for their perspective
  • Arrive at a mutual understanding/resolution

Getting rid of toxic friends

A friend who drains your energy, makes you feel bad about yourself and constantly has you feeling like you’re walking on eggshells is not a good friend to have. Here’s how to cut toxic friends from your life.

TL;DR: Answer these questions to find out if you're dealing with a toxic friend:
  • Are they quick to point out your flaws?
  • Are they constantly a negative force in your life?
  • Do they talk behind your back?
  • Do they never celebrate your successes?
  • Do you secretly not trust them?

Tips to deal with bullying and harassment

Whether you’re at school, in the workplace or at home: bullying and harassment is a real thing. In fact, you might even be the bully… Download our tips on what to do when you’re faced with a bully.
Bullies begone

Dealing with loneliness at work

When you’ve just started a job, it can be easy to feel really lonely at work. Here’s what you can do to feel less alone at work.

  • Speak up and reach out
  • Use your strengths as tools
  • Embrace life offline
  • Join in
  • Get to know the office pro
  • Don’t stop trying

How to be kinder

Because sometimes, reaching out to people in small ways can make a huge difference. Find out more about how you can pay it forward with acts of kindness here


And to sum it all up: discover our favourite TV series BFFs, and why we think they’re the GOAT.


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