Four Books You Should Read When Your Stressed

Four Books You Should Read When Your Stressed
18 October 2017    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Stress and reading aren’t two usual things that go hand in hand, but it could just be exactly what the Dr ordered. Think about what stresses you? It could be work, a relationship, money issues, or maybe it’s as simple as spreading yourself to thin and overcommitting to getting too many things done.
Well, relax, take a deep breath and take some time out just for you. I can get lost for hours when I read, reading takes me on a journey and if you find the right book trust me you too won’t be able to put it down. A recent study has confirmed that reading for just 6 minutes is enough to reduce your stress levels by more than two thirds and it works much faster than he traditional methods of taking a walk or listening to music.
By focusing on the words on the page you can escape your thoughts and focus on something way more important, you! So make yourself a cup of herbal tea, put on your favourite comfy clothes and check out my top 4 picks of what to read when you are feeling frazzled.

Monkey Mind – By Daniel Smith

Humorous and insightful this book is a great read for anyone struggling with anxiety. Smith chats openly and freely about the effects of anxiety, his journey to find the causes of his anxiety as well as the things he has tried to overcome it as a whole. The book is insightful, honest and it is perfect if you are trying to find some relatable stories while having a good belly laugh as well. Buy it here

The Alchemist – By Paulo Coelho

This is one of my favourite book I have read this year. Get ready to be whisked away to a world where dreams and prophets mean something, where you can go on a journey to new lands and even fall in love along the way. It is an easy read with a story line that is easy to follow but probably my favourite part is the hidden messages the author has so preciously added to the pages which you can adapt and include in your everyday life. It is a message of never giving up, following your goals and always listening to your intuition. Buy The Alchemist here

The Happiness Project – By Gretchen Rubin

This memoir follows the author on a 12-month journey to finding her inner happiness. She takes lessons from popular culture, current scientific research as well as her own learnings along the way. The Happiness Project shot to number one on the New York best sellers list and has since been described as more than a book or blog but as a new movement where people meet to discuss their happiness projects right across the world. There are many things you can take from this book and intertwine them in your own life and thought processes, such as “One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.”
This is a great read for anyone finding themselves in a bit of a lull. Purchase The Happiness Project Here

Beauty or Horror – By Alan Robert

OK so reading isn’t your thing or you’ve just finished the HSC and feel like you never want to read another book again, don’t despair I’ve got you covered. Get out your pencil case, sharpen those Derwent colouring pencils because this is the book for you. Yep, colouring for adults, it’s a thing and it’s sweeping the world. This book is an interesting mix of The Walking Dead meets The Secret Garden and invites fans of horror to discover their inner-colorist. Visit burial grounds or a zombie apocalypse right from the safety of your bedroom or kitchen table, go on live a little and purchase the colouring book here
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