How to prepare for Year 12

How to prepare for Year 12
5 November 2019    Donnay Torr    0 comments
While some of you are dreaming of schoolies and freedom while surviving the last bits of final exams, others are getting to grips with actually starting Year 12. Yup, it’s the final stretch, the last hurrah, the road to the next best thing! And since it’s still early enough to set yourself up for really kicking butt during your last year at school, we thought we’d share six tips to help you make the most of Year 12…

Get organised!

Seriously: getting organised early on will help you keep on top of your Year 12 workload while still making time for friends and fun. Go old-school and use a diary or desk planner, stick post-it notes to your walls or try an online tool such as Trello to make a note of key dates and deadlines, streamline your classes and extracurricular activities and break down your goals and projects.

Eat the frog first

Nope, don’t go noshing on cane toads: what this means is that you should get into the habit of doing tough tasks (or ones you dislike) first, and not leave things to the last minute. Seriously, just do it. The problem with procrastination is that whatever you’re supposed to be doing doesn’t go away. It just gets more and bigger and scarier and then you find yourself trying to inhale the entire algebra handbook two days before your final exam. Panic will ensue. Read our tips to deal with procrastination here, and remember this saying: “How do you eat an elephant? Bit by bit.”

P.S.: If you’re seriously struggling to keep on top of your workload, it’s okay to ask your teachers or parents for advice to help you deal. Just be honest: when you need help, ask for it!

It’s gonna bother you until you eat it.

Keep healthy

Final exams, ATAR scores, what to actually do with your life once school is over… Year 12 brings its own unique blend of stress, so it helps to get as physically healthy and mentally resilient as you can be. Make time for regular exercise, eat healthily, get enough sleep and check in with yourself and your friends regularly to suss out your headspace. Remember to take care of yourself. And yes, this includes still doing all the things you love with the people you love – all work and no play just makes you sad and stressed. Read more about dealing with stress and anxiety below.

Start planning ahead for life after school

Now is the ideal time to start asking yourself what you actually want to do with your life (especially since it might influence your final subject selection!). It’s okay if you don’t have a clear idea or a hard-and-fast plan yet, but start thinking about the next step, at least. You could talk to your school careers advisor, your parents, people who are doing similar things to what you’d like to do, your friends... Talk to as many people as possible to get a sense of what the future might hold. Things to consider: Make sure that you have a Plan B, C or even D in place: life is unpredictable, and sometimes your first choices don’t really pan out. It helps to have options.

School’s out like...

Get to grips with your money

This is not as scary as it sounds… By now you should at least have your own bank account and know the basics of looking after your money. Put in a little bit of time and effort to come up with a savings plan for the year (if you have a part-time gig, don’t give it up), and a financial plan for your first year after school, whether you’re planning to study or start working right away. It helps to know how much things like rent, food, Netflix and study materials cost, and how to pull up a basic budget! Get started by checking out these resources to help you manage your money:

Make loads of memories

Year 12 is one of those “cusp” moments: it’s tough, it’s challenging, and when it’s over, nothing will ever be quite the same again. So have fun and make a ton of epic memories. Don’t stress too much about your ATAR, it’s not the be all and end all: you are not defined by a number. Take pictures, memorise moments, laugh, cry, build strong bonds and be hopeful. Remember that you’re not alone, and reach out for help when you need to. This too shall pass, and you’re going to rock this year!

Memories: will last longer than the Energiser Bunny.
Photo by Jamie Templeton on Unsplash  

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