How you can promote inclusivity to support International Day of People with Disability

How you can promote inclusivity to support International Day of People with Disability
3 December 2017    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Today is International Day of People with Disability and here at Skillsroad, we’re proud to support and promote inclusivity for all Aussies.
Every year, the UN announces a new theme as a part of International Day of People with Disability, which you can read more about here. The annual theme helps to provide a new focus for society, business and schools each year to break down barriers people with disability often face.
This year’s theme is “leave no one behind” and we’ve got some simple tips for business owners, young people and teachers on how you can help support this awesome cause!

In the workplace (for business owners):

As a business owner, whether you’re running a kebab shop, a multinational fast food joint or a small mechanic garage, it’s important that your trading space is both functional and inclusive, so no one gets left behind. The NSW Business Chamber recently released a really informative guide that all business owners need to check out. We’ve got some of the key points below:
  • Make your business accessible: Making your business more accessible not only ensures you’re compliant with the law, but it can even help you build your customer base and promote growth. Find out how you can do this here.

  • Build your customer service skills: One of the simplest and easiest things you can do to promote inclusivity is to think about the way you approach customer service for people with disability. You can do this by:
  1. Treating each customer as an individual with their own unique likes & dislikes
  2. Treating all customers with equal respect
  3. Asking customers if they want help; but don’t assume they need it

In the playground (for young people):

If you’re a young person at school or uni, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll meet, know or be mates with someone with a disability. Whether you’re in the playground or chillin’ after school, there are a few simple but important things you can do to ensure no one gets left behind:

  • Communicate: Sound’s simple, but it can be easily overlooked. If you see someone struggling, ask if they’re ok and if they would like to chat – don’t assume they need to talk, but by being polite and asking if they want to chat you can go a long way to help drive inclusivity.

  • Be respectful: Treat people with disability as you would your closest mates – with respect.

  • Be inclusive: This can be as simple as asking a person with disability to join in a game you’re playing, like handball or striking up a conversation to ask how their weekend was. Make the effort, it can make a bigger difference than you think.  

In the classroom (for teachers):

For teachers, providing a classroom that is both accessible and inclusive for all students is super important so everyone has an equal opportunity to learn. This can include:
  • Being patient: Allowing students who have an intellectual disability some extra time to complete a task or worksheet can go a long way.

  • Be clear: Make sure your instructions are clear for all your students and be sure to tailor your explanations as required where a student did not understand the first time around.

  • Communicate: Regular communication with any student with disability is critical to ensure you’re able to check up on their progress with their school work and to make sure they’re not struggling to complete it.
Making a workplace, playground or classroom both accessible and inclusive for people with disability is a responsibility for all Aussies. With your help, we can help build a society that welcomes and includes all people, irrespective of their ability. 
To find out more about International Day of People with Disability, click here.

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