Why You Should Use the Holiday Period to Get Your P1 license

Why You Should Use the Holiday Period to Get Your P1 license
29 November 2017    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Summer is knocking at our door and it’s easy to forget life admin when you are hanging with friends, enjoying your first taste of freedom since finishing school and trying to work out your new life routine but there is no time like the present to take the leap of faith and get your P’s.

After 10 months on your L’s you have not only earned it but you are also legally allowed to be driving by yourself after you have completed your log books and driving for the recommended hours by the RTA.

Getting my P’s was one of the best experiences ever, it not only gave me freedom but it showed me that if I studied and put the work in there would be a great gift at the end of it all which was driving! I had a goal to drive and I had done it!

So what are the next steps to start driving unsupervised? It may seem a little complicated but it really isn’t, everything can be done in one day at the RTA. Here’s the information you will need to throw away those L’s and upgrade them for some shiny new P’s! 

1. You will need to book in to take the Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

The HPT is a computer based touch screen test that will measure your ability to recognise dangerous situations on the road and respond accordingly. Film clips of real traffic situations will be used and you will need to respond accordingly by touching the screen at the right time to slow down or perhaps stop. Think of it as the ultimate computer game for driving and sticking to the road rules, the main concepts will include judging stopping distances, picking safe gaps in traffic to change lanes and scanning for hazards. The test will cost you $45 dollars per attempt and you can book here using the RTA website to take it.

2. Preparing for your test

Firstly, you will need to study the Hazard Perception Text Book, which you can find here or you can drop into your local RTA and grab a hard copy for $17. Remember when you go for your test to take in a copy of your current license, proof of identity (take more than you need to be safe) and money to pay if/when you complete both the HPT and your practical driving test. 

3. Preparing for the practical driving test 

After completing and passing the HPT you will also need to take a driving test with a Service NSW officer who will sit in the car with you while you drive and take notes on your ability to perform specific driving tasks. Ensure you read up on the Driving Test Guide which is a helpful little handbook to give you the pointers you will need to pass your test with flying colours. You will also need to submit your details and logged driving hours before you book your driving test. Once you have done this you are good to book your driving test, you can do this online by using this link.

4. D-Day – The driving test

  • Ensure your car is registered and clean, make sure all of the lights work, the tyres are pumped up and the mirrors and seats are adjusted to suit you.
  • Make sure you are on time and have pre prepared all of the documents you will need to show the testing officer and also the RTA should you pass your tests
  • Make sure you have enough money to pay for your new license

5. Congratulations you’ve passed!

Once you’ve finished celebrating there are a heap of rules you will need to follow when you are on the road, so get familiar with that list so you don’t get fined or even worse lose you license. Take a look at the rules here, you will need to abide by to keep yourself and your passengers safe. Now comb your hair, put on some gloss because it’s photo time! You’ll P1 license is issued for 18 months but you can progress to your P2 license after 12 months, so remember to stay safe, stick to the rules and enjoy your first real step into Adulting 100.
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