Heading Back To Uni? Here Are Some Great Ways To Save On Textbooks

Heading Back To Uni? Here Are Some Great Ways To Save On Textbooks
14 February 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
One of the biggest costs when heading to university is textbooks, depending on your subject books can cost in excess of $900 which for a struggling student just isn’t viable, so we’ve put together a little list of options to help ease the financial burden and get you ready for your first semester at uni!

Buy second hand books

There is a heap of online websites that gives students the options to buy and sell their books online, but be aware there are some faults in this plan as well. If a new edition of a text book is assigned and you have the older edition, it’s going to be a problem when you try to track page references or worse you could be learning outdated information. If you are in a popular degree, the chances are you will be able to score a second hand text book (that is correct, no worries). So check campus noticeboards and second-hand bookshops at the uni, beyond that try Facebook, gumtree, Ebayand the following buy and sell online websites such as Student VIP or Coop.

Rent your text books

Textbook rentals mean you are effectively sharing the cost with another student over time, with that being said if you are renting it you don’t own it meaning if you lose it, spill a drink on it or accidently scribble on it you may need to pay for a new text book anyway. Have a look at Zookal and Jekkle if the difference between renting and purchasing is minimal then it might be worth buying new (or 2nd hand) and then re-selling.

Use the library copies or share with your buddies

Most Uni libraries will have a copy of the relevant text book, but beware most high-demand text books will only be available for loan for minimal periods and that is IF you can actually get your hands on one at all. Another option is to share with fellow students, obvs this won’t work if your course relies on the use of a single textbook that you use weekly but it can work for subjects like literature where you are reading new work each time.

Compare prices across multiple sites

Booko is fab for this, it will compare the price for each book at every major Australian and overseas online bookstore, which could save you LOTS of money. Shop around and get a few quotes before you purchase but just don’t leave it to the last minute because titles do sell out in some cases.

This Semesters Hot Tips

  1. Arbitrage ISBN's, You lecturer will give you an ISBN number for your book, but the publisher's often release the identical book under many different ISBN's. For example, an "international edition", a "bundled edition", a "Sydney uni edition" a "Melbourne uni edition". They do this to minimise secondhand sales but as long as the Title, Authors and Edition are the same - it’s the same textbook - even if the ISBN is different. Knowing that means you can broaden you search and often get a better price.
  2. Keep in mind Uni books will price match but only for new purchasers though, so make sure you get a price list handy to email through to them.
Happy shopping legends!

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