A day in the life of a Lead Design Consultant

A day in the life of a Lead Design Consultant
14 October 2020    Claudia Anisse    0 comments
Are you passionate about design and buildings? Do you walk into other people's homes and dream of its potential? If you have an eye for detail, an interest in architecture, a natural knack for design and love getting things done, then we suggest you look into becoming a Design Consultant in the construction industry. Meet Emmaline Kalcic, who loves her job as much as she loves her coffee!

A day in the life of a strategy and consultant manager

Emmaline Kalcic: Lead Design Consultant

Can you shortly describe a typical day on the job?

Firstly, a coffee, always! A typical day normally includes going through invoices to keep track of job costings, organising any deliveries of material to site for the following few days and possibly a meeting with clients or suppliers to go through interior selections and options for projects.

Why did you choose Design Consulting as your career? What or who inspired you to do so?

It was a job that seemed to perfectly tie together the business degree I studied and the love I have for architecture, design and interiors. 

What would you say are three key personality aspects or skills that make for a good Design Consultant?

  • Creative 
  • Organised
  • Flexible

What have you learned about yourself through the work that you do?

That I enjoy always learning something new!

What’s been your best moment while doing your work?

Seeing clients on handover day as they move into their new homes after we've been working on the project and building a relationship over a few years.

And a really hard moment?

Not understanding all the construction lingo, particularly at the start of working in the industry. So, being pretty confused quite a few times. 

How do you keep going when things get challenging?

Stay focused on getting one thing done at a time and ask for help if needed. 

Can you share a funny or weird story about something you experienced while working on a project?

A client once wanted to install a pole from level one to the ground floor as their young daughter wanted to slide down to the kitchen instead of taking the stairs!

What advice would you give to young people considering pursuing a career in this industry?

To definitely give it a go! The construction industry is super diverse with such a wide range of roles you can get into. It's a fun job that's always changing with new projects and clients. 

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