A day in the life of an IT support specialist

A day in the life of an IT support specialist
7 May 2020    Donnay Torr    0 comments
When your laptop’s fritzed… And the printer’s broke… Who you gonna call? Dawood Ahmad! Well, okay, so you won’t be phoning Dawood directly, but as an IT Desktop Support Specialist, he knows all about the challenges people in his position must solve every single day. Learn more below to find out if you’re tough enough for IT!

Discover a day in the life of an IT support specialist

Dawood Ahmad: IT Desktop Support Specialist

Describe a typical day on the job?

No day is ever the same! Any issues that get escalated from level one helpdesk are dealt with at my level. This may vary from printer, networking and hardware to even cloud-based issues. I deal with people on a face-to-face basis (I am rarely on the phone, unless it is needed), to troubleshoot any issues that have arisen. Currently I am also part way through a project, which is rolling out new mobile devices and transferring users/employees from Telstra to Optus. This has to be rolled out to 2400+ staff. So, when I’m not answering the day-to-day IT issues, I am working on a range of different projects.

What or who inspired you to choose a career in the field of Information Technology?

My passion for IT started off when I built my first ever computer. I’m an avid PC gamer, so I was excited and wanted to keep building PCs. I started helping my friends build some and would even troubleshoot any IT issued they had. After that I dropped out of high school in year 10, and went on to accomplish my cert III, IV and Diploma in IT Networking. This eventually landed me my first IT helpdesk role, which I stayed at for almost three years. From there, my aspirations and goals got even bigger. I now work in IT Desktop Support and can’t wait to keep climbing the ladder.

Dawood Ahmad on the job.
Dawood Ahmad on the job, and working towards success.

What would you say are three key personality aspects or skills that contribute to success in your career?

Having patience, being able to work in a busy fast-paced environment, (much of the time independently) and finally: my constant, ever-growing desire and passion to learn more.

What have you learned about yourself through the work that you do?

I have learned that I work quite well under pressure, and I’m capable of taking on complex projects with minimal support. I’ve also learnt that I’m able to give myself more work than I think I’m capable of completing even if it’s a challenging task, which has taught me a lot about time management skills.

What’s been your best moment while doing your work?

Learning and getting to use new technologies. Being able to go into a job and be aware that there is always more to learn and new technologies emerging each month is an exciting factor. I get to use some of the newest tech before anyone else, so that’s cool and exciting. Not only that: these new technologies provide me with more skills and gateways for job opportunities later down the track. Growing skills through this is not only beneficial for me but it’s also fun!

And a hard moment?

My previous role was really busy, and it was my first-ever corporate job. I had a lot thrown on me at once and was expected to solve all these issues even though I was fresh out of TAFE. I started struggling with mental health issues and came close to losing that job. However, I pushed through and realised that I deserved a new job where I was treated better.

It was scary at first to go out and find another role, but now I’m much happier and love my job.

How do you keep going when things get challenging?

I try to keep a calm head no matter the situation. If it becomes too much, looking for support is key. I have learnt to always ask for help if I need it. This applies to every role, actually, and should be shared around as key information. A team that works together and helps each other is a team that succeeds.

Are there any surprising or odd things that people wouldn’t expect if they picked this career?

It’s a very rewarding career and gaining the knowledge every day is truly special. However, IT isn’t always the easiest role and things can’t be fixed with the click of a finger, unfortunately. Some people look down on IT because their issue isn’t fixed straight away, but there is a company of over 500 staff that we must cater to and tickets do pile up quite fast.

So, if you want to work in IT make sure you have good time-management skills so you can prioritise tasks and troubleshoot issues fast. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself dealing with grumpy employees. It’s rare but it does happen, so you need tough skin in this role too!

Can you share a funny or weird story about something you experienced while working on a project?

Some things I find funny are very basic techy stuff that people can’t figure out. I’ve had people call me trying to save an email attachment. Another was a person who must’ve butt dialled us and then I received a five-minute voicemail of them and another person just having a chat about their holiday or something haha.

What advice would you give to someone considering pursuing a career in this industry?

Those years of slugging through IT helpdesk is actually rewarding. Don’t give up no matter how hard it gets. Life after first-call helpdesk gets better and is truly rewarding. You get to see so much new technology and have lots of fun.

Most importantly, if you are unhappy with management and the pace of your current role despite trying your hardest to make the company better, move on and find a new role.

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