Junior Apprentice Waterproofer


Job Title

Junior Apprentice Waterproofer




Hawthorne, Queensland

Work Type



Construction Other Mobile Plant Operators

Open Date

08 Mar 2020

Closing Date

07 Apr 2020

Required Skills

Commonsense first and foremost 

Punctuality and honesty 

Always giving a 100 % or at least showing that you are 

Willingness to learn , listening to whats being told of you and understanding the tasks

Reading plans correctly and accurately 

Must have own vehicle this is a priority 

Preferred skills

Manual dexterity , neatness with membrane application , comprehending what is being told and admitting that your wrong.

Being proud of what you can achieve each day and being happy with yourself

Comprehension of each task being taught 

Being accurate with measurement , levelling of angles  

Role Description

As a successful applicant you will be required to undertake the daily routine tasks of each job at hand. This will include preparation of substrate , installation and levelling of angles , joint sealing and tooling , and liquid membrane application to put it in a nut shell. Punctuality and 100 % awareness of your surroundings is vital as well as good presentation and manner . Cleaning and sweeping of wet areas, cutting and recessing waste outlets,  taping tap bodies , correct tooling of sealant , taping of bath rims protecting finished floor surfaces .

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