About Skillsroad

Skillsroad’s mission is to provide a one-stop-shop for Australia’s youth and their parents and teachers, to help them navigate the career planning process and foster a meaningful transition into work or further study.
Secondly, to connect business with this emerging talent through mutually beneficial recruitment products and services. 

Skillsroad is an initiative of NSW Business Chamber and is backed nationally by the Australian chamber movement. The Australian chamber movement represents over 300,000 businesses and collectively has a vested interest in effectively transitioning school leavers and new talent into the labour force through meaningful and fulfilling career pathways.

Research shows us that in many instances, young Australians don’t know what they want to do after school and where to turn to for independent career advice, resulting in many entering training and employment situations which aren’t right for them. This leads to disengagement, high turn-over and ultimately a large burden on our economy.

By supporting schools career advice programs with our industry leading online tools and live events program, we seek to combat youth unemployment and improve training completions and employee retention rates nationally. 


Who is behind Skillsroad?

Skillsroad is an initiative of the Business Chamber movement in Australia, brought to you by NSW Business Chamber, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, Victorian  Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Business SA.
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