Banking & Financial Services

Industry Overview

If you think you would like to organise, analyse and check the accuracy of financial information, or to offer advice on insurance or financial products, then you should consider a career working in Banking & Financial Services.

Qualifying for a role in this sector could see you in charge of preparing budgets, financial statements, tax returns, audits and reports, managing the payroll of a large company, maintaining customer databases, ensuring procedures comply with government regulations, or participating in the development of business plans. 

Other roles in the Banking & Financial Services sector focus on customer service and on matching products to clients’ needs. While work in Banking & Financial Services usually takes place in an office environment, some people are able to do part of their work at home, due to the growth of remote technological capabilities. The career possibilities in finance and insurance are very broad, with plenty of scope for work across a variety of businesses. Let’s face it, most companies need financial services of some kind! And due to shifting global financial conditions, this industry is undergoing rapid changes, making it a very exciting time to get involved.


Training & Qualifications

The types of courses and qualifications you can use to make a career in this industry begin at the Certificate II level and progress all the way to university level. There are also opportunities to build on your initial qualifications and work experience to gain advanced qualifications. Entry level courses include:

  • Certificate II in Financial Services
  • ​Certificate III in Financial Services
  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking, Diploma of Securitisation

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Occupations In This Industry

Scholarships & Grad Programs

There are currently no scholarship and graduate programs available for this industry. But check the job stream below for job opportunities!

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