6 super easy ways to make money

6 super easy ways to make money
10 March 2021    Tammy Sofranic    0 comments
Life is a crazy ride but an expensive one, you move out of home and quickly learn how quickly those expenses pile on! Sounds familiar? We've got ya. 


Here are a few creative ways to save more or get extra cash

1. Minimalise and simplify your life

Have you seen the Netflix documentary called "Minimalism a Documentary of the Important Things?" If not, add it to your list. It will get you thinking about the number of things you own, but don’t need.

For example, you might have clothes that you bought but never wore, old bags you no longer care for and not to mention the old tech that will never see the light of day! 

This is good news because that's your first opportunity to make money! Gumtree, eBay or Facebook marketplace are all great platforms to sell old tech gadgets (if still working, of course), clothes, furniture or whatever else you find stashed in your closet or garage. 

Not only can you make money off this stuff, but your house will be more spacious and clutter-free, it's a win-win! 

2. Get a roommate

Getting a roomie means you can rent a sick pad and share the costs of living with either one or two other people. It takes away the stress and costs associated with living out of the home. Having a roommate will either increase your income or decrease your expenses, either way, you have more cashola.

Not to mention that the benefits of roommates often exceed finances - you can make friends for life, memories, have more fun at home in general and get help when in need, so why not give it try? 

3. Take surveys

Unless you lived under a rock the past few years, you must know by now that data is king in our world of statistics and algorithms. By taking part in surveys you can either earn money or receive rewards from shops like JB Hi-Fi or Apple. You can fill them in on your smartphone on the way to work or put a few hours aside a week to fill in your opinions and thoughts. Check out the following online survey sites like Survey Choice and Swagbucks to get you started earning good money online. 

4. Start a blog

Let your creativity flow, stay consistent and write up! Once you start to get traffic to your site, you can slowly start making money. It’s easy to monetise your site with affiliate advertising that is appropriate for your particular niche. If you make things you can monetise your hobby and sell your creations online or if you already have a skill you may as well make money doing it.

5. Join Air-tasker and make some money honey

Air-tasker is life, it’s the best place for people and businesses to outsource tasks. People will upload tasks they need to be completed, it can be anything from handy work to grabbing them some McDonalds and dropping it off. You can quote how much you want for the request and once the job has been accepted and completed your funds will be released to you. It’s an easy way to make some money by using your skillset and you can pick and choose when you want to work. Easy!

6. Get paid for doing what you’re already doing

Take note of what you are doing in your free time and find something you love doing in your spare time and monetise it. Ask your local bar if you can run their trivia night or if you have a select area of expertise such as graphic design join a Facebook group with people looking for skills sets such as yours to do work with them. Use your imagination to start a flow of extra income.

You can be as creative as you wish when it comes to saving more or making more money - think about all the online possibilities, as well as assisting your family, friends or neighbours in various tasks. 

Keen to learn more about money & getting taxes right? Read on:

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