Career Quiz - Lesson Plan

Implementing our tools and resources in the classroom

It’s one thing providing students with great free resources, but it’s another thing helping them make sense of the results and to distil the information to use effectively.

Skillsroad Career Quiz - lesson plans

The team at Skillsroad, along with an experienced panel of Careers Advisers, have put together some lesson plans and worksheets that will assist teachers and Careers Advisers effectively implement the Skillsroad Career Quiz in the class room.

The Skillsroad lesson plans provide teachers with a framework for three lessons and cover the following:

• Resources requirements
• Teacher notes
• Activities for students
• Student homework and worksheet

Download the free resources below. (Please note you will be required to register for free prior to download)

  • Skillsroad Career Quiz - three lesson plan framework

Dowload our Skillsroad Career Quiz lesson plans. These lesson plans provide a framework for planning, undertaking and analysing the results of the Skillsroad Career Quiz with a class.

  • Skillsroad Career Quiz - teacher notes

Teachers notes - the theory behind the Skillsroad Career Quiz.

  • Skillsroad Career Quiz - student work sheets

Skillsroad Career Quiz: Student work sheet 1


Skillsroad Career Quiz: Student work sheet 2


Skillsroad Career Quiz: Student work sheet 3

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