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Skillsroad Career Quiz helps you choose a job that’s right for YOU

Matching who you are with what you’re good at seems like a great idea, yet most people are in jobs that don’t match their personal style and natural talent. As a result they’re not happy at work.


Skillsroad Career Quiz can help you to …

  • Connect WHO you are with WHAT you’re naturally good at
  • Uncover your strengths and talents so you can make the right choices

It’s important for you to choose a career that reflects the type of person you are. When you choose a career that matches your natural style you are more productive, happier and less stressed than being in a job that’s just “not you”.

In less than 15 minutes you will discover your personal style, the type of person you are and what influences your behaviour. You’ll discover things like what you’re naturally good at and the jobs you are likely to be attracted to. You’ll also learn about your special qualities and the values you’d bring to a job. You can use this information to prepare a great resume that will get you your "dream job".

"I came out of high school with no idea where I wanted to go. Skillsroad helped me to discover possible career paths by identifying my personal strengths and linking them to a range of fields in the workforce. As daunting as it seems, finding a career is made easy, laid out in a simple step by step process from personality tests to resume building. Skillsroad has broken down what seemed an endless search and given me a clearer view of the direction I want to take and how to get there." Bridget - NSW, School leaver.
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