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Where to go for help

Who can help you?

When starting a new job it is very important that you are able to find the correct people to assist you with any questions both big and small that you have.

Some questions you might have:
  • Remembering what time you start and finish as well as when your lunch break is
  • How to use the photocopier
  • A reminder on how to transfer work phone calls that you may take for another colleague
  • How much you will be paid each week and what frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  • Finding out where you get your safety equipment from PPE (personal protective equipment)

It is very important that you understand clearly what you need to do to perform your job successfully, ensuring you get help or ask questions when they arise.

People in your organisation to go to for help and/or ask questions:
  • Your direct Supervisor/Manager
  • Team Trainer or a co-worker (buddy) that has been allocated to you to help you with day-to-day questions
  • Human Resource Manager/Officer
  • Long term employee of the company
  • Fellow colleagues


People outside your organisation to go to for help and advice:

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