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Getting work fit

How to survive the first weeks of your new job!

It is amazing how hard it can be to get used to being “at work” 38 hours or more every week. Just like at the start of each sporting season it can take between 6-8 weeks to get fit enough to play well. The same can apply at work.

Your body has to adjust to any number of possibilities, a Cook will be in a very hot environment, a Hairdresser may stand on a hard floor all day, a Builder may be lifting, carrying and climbing. Each of these activities can knock you out when you first start working and it is up to you to manage and cope with these new demands on your body and mind.

But how do you get prepared?  Here are 8 points to remember (probably exactly what your parents/family have been trying to tell you for ages!):
  1. Try to never skip meals.  Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner every work day is critical when starting a new job.
  2. Try to get a decent sleep (8 hours) most nights and make sure you have an alarm clock that works.
  3. If you are going to party, then make sure you can:
    • Still get to work on time
    • Be legally able to go to work
  4. Try to manage your fitness (this will really help at about week 4 of your job when you start feeling tired).
  5. Always remember you are now being paid, so be on time, mind your language and your manners.
  6. If you go to TAFE (or other training) remember it is not a day off, you are being paid to attend so don’t treat it like a joke.
  7. Get a pocket-sized notepad and every time you ask questions (you should be asking plenty), or every time you learn something new, write it down rather than just relying on memory because chances are you will forget (especially the day after Point 3).
  8. If you are being driven to work by family or friends it is polite to chip in for fuel costs now that you are being paid.

Try and take the initiative... Go the extra mile to impress:
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