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Prove yourself an invaluable employee

Progressing your career can mean changing employer, but there are also often great opportunities within the organisation that you currently work for, if you prove yourself as an invaluable employee.

Here’s some tips on how to achieve that:
  1. Show your peers that you enjoy your job. If you make an effort to develop a reputation as someone who is positive and cheerful, you are more likely to be considered for new opportunities.
  2. Show that you’re dedicated and keen to succeed by volunteering to get involved in extra tasks or projects, which are outside of your normal duties. This could be work related or it could even be company social events.
  3. Don’t clock watch. Arrive to work early or stay late to show your boss that you are committed to doing well.  Or perhaps you could work through lunch to take a late lunch in order to finish a pressing task.  These actions get noticed by bosses!
  4. Ask your boss for feedback on your performance and their advice on what additional training or skills you need to prepare yourself for progression.  This will show that you are keen and thinking about your future, but also that you are prepared to listen to advice and constructive feedback.
  5. Document your achievements at work as you go. It is helpful to have a record and evidence of your achievements when you are discussing your performance with your boss.
  6. Lastly, look for other ways to enhance your profile with your peers and senior colleagues.
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