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Additional Trade Qualifications

Have you completed your apprenticeship? Why not consider another qualification?

There are several reasons why a second trade may be beneficial or even a necessity for your career and future. University students have long studied for ‘double degrees’ to widen their career choices and employability skills. The concept is exactly the same for tradespeople seeking further qualifications.

There are several  reasons why you may want to pursue a second trade, some of which may include:
  • Keeping up to date with changes in technology
  • Changes in demand for certain trades
  • Giving yourself the option for a career change
  • Widening your skill set
  • Increased demand for your skills

What qualifications am I able to undertake?

You can undertake any qualification providing that:

  • The worksite is suitable to learn the new skills and put them into practice in your normal working duties
  • There is a qualified person at the worksite that is able to act in a supervisory role and to ensure you are learning skills on the job
  • The qualification is relevant to your role and the worksite

If you are nearing completion of your trade apprenticeship and would like more information on additional trade qualifications, please contact us here and our partners at Apprenticeship Support Australia will be in touch to assist. 

Eligibility criteria apply and can vary based on qualification and employment status. Benefits are subject to change at any time without notice.  

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