Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

Industry Overview

If you’re interested in air, road, maritime, rail or land transport, then the Transport, Postal and Warehousing industry could be for you.

The Transport, Postal and Warehousing industry is responsible for the safe and prompt delivery of people and goods via a variety of channels, including scenic and sightseeing transport, and for the storage and sorting or ‘warehousing’ of freight before delivery. The sector encompasses logistics (managing & organising the transport), infrastructure, (such as roads, air and rail), and numerous support roles such as customs officers, couriers, tugboat operators and forklift drivers.

If you choose this vocational pathway you could work in road transport as a bus, train or taxi driver; in construction as a mobile crane operator; or even in coastal or ocean-going marine operations as a deckhand, engine driver or cook. There are many possibilities, so check out the list of qualifications below!


Training & Qualifications

A wide range of qualifications are available in the Transport Postal and Warehousing industry – it all comes down to your personal interests and career goals:

Examples of qualifications you can attain include:

Advanced qualifications for coordination, supervisory or management roles include:

Occupations In This Industry

Scholarships & Grad Programs

There are currently no scholarship and graduate programs available for this industry. But check the job stream below for job opportunities!

Job Stream

  • Apprentice

  • Bruce Rock Engineering
  • Bruce Rock Engineering is a quality designer and builder of road transport equipment with their Head Office in the Wheat belt region of Western Australia. This well-established company has continued to grow and expand its business, supplying top class products to its customers throughout Australia. With 3 sites in total and a team of valued professionals to support and guide you through, we are seeking an apprentice boilermaker.
  • Manufacturing, Transport & LogisticsRecreation Vehicle Manufacturer
  • Wed 14 Feb , 2018
  • Port Hedland
  • Fri 9 Feb , 2018
  • Leeton
  • Wed 7 Feb , 2018
  • Rossmore
  • Wed 7 Feb , 2018
  • Rossmore
  • Mon 5 Feb , 2018
  • $20,001 - $30,000
  • Cavan