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Building Relationships

Conversation Starters

If you’re not sure how you can go about building a strong relationship with your employees, here are some conversation starters to get you asking the right questions from day one.

Use open-ended questions below to build a strong relationship:

  1. What sorts of things do you like doing outside of work?
  2. What did you do on your weekend?
  3. Who do you live with? How do you find living with them?
  4. How are you finding TAFE?
  5. How did you find school? What did you like most/least about it?
  6. What football team do you support?
  7. How could I support you more with making sure you get all your TAFE work done?
  8. How are you enjoying your work? What could we do differently to help you enjoy it more?
  9. How are you finding working with me?
  10. What suggestions, if any, have you got to try and make this business better? Maybe fresh eyes can add some value.
  11. If you were me, what do you think I could do differently to make the business better?
  12. I know it’s a big question, but where do you see yourself in three years? What car do you want to have? Where do you want to live?
  13. I think you’re good at x, what do you think your strengths are at work?
  14. What do you think we need to do to help you improve?
  15. How do you think we can use Facebook or other technology to make the business better and more up to date?

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