So.. I’ve Become a Pescaterian

So.. I’ve Become a Pescaterian
11 September 2017    Lisa Clark    0 comments
“Pescatarians are similar to vegetarians. The difference between pescatarians and vegetarians is that pescatarians eat fish and shellfish in addition to an otherwise vegetarian diet.”
With fad diets, new spiritual journeys and the inclusion of the internet and social media so accessible in our everyday lives it is even easier to obtain information about our diets, what comes from where, the companies who are controlling the food industries and others who have similar beliefs to us when it comes to food. Netflix and YouTube are full of videos and documentaries about the negatives certain foods have on our bodies as well as shock tactics to scare us off eating everything from sugar to fast food to cow’s milk.
With so many opinions floating around the wide world web, in books and probably within your own friendship groups it’s hard to know what is right… The truth is no two people are the same and the foods that you might enjoy and feel at your best consuming may not be the same foods that work for me and my body. There is Paleo, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant and the list goes on. When I started on this journey I didn’t even know it had a name, I just decided after a trip to the Bahamas and after my encounter with the swimming pigs of Exumas Bay that I would no longer be eating pork.
It started innocent enough, we had seen these swimming pigs all over Instagram, the cutest little things, swimming in the crystal clear waters right up to your boat where you could feed them and then a sneaky Instagram snap, what I was greeted with was instead these huge beasts who were pushy to get the food and not swimming anywhere as they know the humans will come to the beach and give them the food. That night it really got me thinking, where does the meat come from? Are these animals kept in filth? Are they just breed to be eaten? All I know is the next day after meeting the pigs something in my brain had switched and I could no longer stomach the taste, smell or sight of bacon. The thought of one of my favourite foods in the whole world made me sick to my stomach.
After arriving back in Australia my roommate (who was also with me when we swum with the pigs) had decided to go vegetarian so I decided to also give it a go with the inclusion of seafood because I knew I couldn’t do life if I was no longer allowed to eat tuna and salmon.
It’s been just over a week and the benefits have already begun to show, I feel lighter, I have a hell of a lot more energy and I am more prepared with my meals for the week. I pack snacks when I will be out throughout the day and I am educating myself further by researching what I should be eating on the internet to ensure I am getting the right nutrition’s and eating enough fresh vegetables so that my iron doesn’t drop too low.
I am enjoying cooking new recipes and substituting meat for more healthy options like falafels or Tofu, I am sleeping better and after a week of eating just food and vegetables I am not even missing meat. Eating out does make it a little harder especially when my old favourite lamb shoulder turned up on our table at a Greek restaurant I was dining at recently but I just substituted it for a leek and spinach pie which was divine. I am tossing my veggies in coconut oil and putting in all the good oils with the addition of way more fish into my diet and frankly the benefits of Omega-3 (which comes from Salmon and other seafood) just can’t be ignored. You will have stronger hair and nails, enhanced circulation, a boost in brain power and omega-3 consumption has even been linked to a lift in moods in some of the people who were a part of the study.
I’m not a nutritionist nor doctor so all I can tell you is so far my new diet has me feeling like a million bucks! As with any major change, do you research, understand the benefits and the best way to ensure you are still getting the vitamins and enough of the foods your body needs for optimum health.
Lisa.jpg Bondi-based freelance journalist, blogger & #girlboss, Lisa Clark, has an acute appreciation for travel, fashion and photography. Through this lifestyle, Lisa creates beautiful and inspiring content across her Instagram @iamlisaclark and her blog
When she isn't writing for Skillsroad you can find her at the beach with her dog Levi or working on her Social Media Company We Are The Hunted, shooting (and eating) food for her hospitality clients.


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