4 Realities About Finishing High School You Probably Haven’t Considered

4 Realities About Finishing High School You Probably Haven’t Considered
12 January 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Obviously graduating from high school is a big deal, I mean, you have just left all that you have known for the past 13 years and while life is changing at a rapid rate there are bound to be some huge changes on the horizon. Perhaps you are going on to continue your education or head off overseas to travel or maybe you are going straight into the workforce, whatever your next move is there are bound to be some days of uncertainty, days where you feel a little out of your depth or days when you feel alone. During these times it is imperative to remember that not only will these days’ pass, but also that you are not alone, no matter how much people pretend to have it all worked out, they don’t, I mean how can you with so many variables now at your doorstep. Trust me when I tell you that pretty much everyone you went to school with will be having the same feelings, worries and stressing about the choices they have made so take a deep breath, prepare yourself for what’s ahead and know that everything you are going through and feeling is completely normal.
Here are some home truths about leaving school and how to handle the situations if and when they arrive:

1. You’re going to lose some friends

Sorry to break it to you, but it is just the way the world works. Some of you will travel, some of you will move towns or even states to attend university and others will stay put and start work with family or friends, unfortunately when life gets busy relationships tend to suffer. It’s not that that you don’t like your friends anymore it’s just that other things become priorities over hangs at the shopping centre or mid-week sleepovers. You see, previously you were in classes together, you hung out on the oval at lunch and went to parties on the weekends, though important, these friendships were also convenient, now that your paths are on a different journey it will be much harder to spend the same amount of time you did previously, remember this isn’t the end of the world, it doesn’t change the memories you have together or your love for your friends it just means that some people in your circle may drop off (you included) and whatever your next path is you will make a heap of friends along the way, so don’t stress to much if people forget to text back or are too busy to hang, it’s all a part of growing up! 

2. You’re the boss now, use that power wisely

Let me hear you say it, FREEDOM… yes, it is all yours and ripe for the picking. You no longer have teachers telling you what to do, where to go, what to study, you are now the boss of your own destiny, so make it count. You will make some pretty important decisions in the coming months that will shape your future so take the time out to think any big decisions through and chat about them with your family, your best friends and the people in your world you trust most. It’s easy to think at 17 or 18 that you have it all worked out, but in reality you don’t. Life is a crazy ride, with many moving parts and variables, though you may know your next move, it’s impossible to know how it will all pan out so use your new found power wisely and ask for advice and help across the way. I would have made some pretty crappy decisions straight out of school if I didn’t chat to my dad and my mentors about my plans. Lean on your inner circle.

 3. No money, no honey. 

Here’s a little reality check for you, the cost of living is really expensive and unfortunately it’s getting more and more expensive every year. There are so many costs associated with setting up for the next chapter, you may be moving house, getting an apartment or travelling, whatever is happening you are going to need money so be prepared to work, loan from your parents and save as much as you can! The hustle is real, think outside the box and work out how much (realistically) you need to keep afloat week after week. Here is a cost of living calculator I found online which may help you get a better understanding of the costs you’ll incur now that you are out of school (and possibly home).

4. It’s so cliché, but the world really is your oyster

If you haven’t already, then there is no time like the present to decide the pathways you are going to take to get yourself to your destination of choice. If you got the marks you wanted, then congratulations, buy now you would have already been accepted into your courses and be preparing for University life but if you are still a little unsure about what you want to do then start to research online if an apprenticeship online course or perhaps a private college is for you.
The reality is, everyone’s reality is going to differ after school, but the one thing you will all have in common is that you are all just trying to work it out. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have it all worked out, you will need some time to adjust to your new life and that will take time and mistakes. Learn, grow, be a good human and you will find all the pieces of this puzzle we call life will start to slot into exactly where they need to be. Go and get living!

Image credit: rawpixel.com
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