The 10 #millennial #influencers to follow on Twitter

The 10 #millennial #influencers to follow on Twitter
4 August 2017    Lisa Clark    0 comments
It’s easy to connect with like-minded millennials worldwide by using Twitter and digital interactions. 
I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of times I have “met” someone on Twitter who have either helped or motivated me on my journey as blogger. When used correctly Twitter is a great platform to take the conversation offline to join panel discussions or even collaborate. There are links to some gnarly YouTube channels as well as all the motivation you may need to get yourself out of bed in the morning. Using just 140 characters or less to get your point across isn’t always easy but in the spirit of social community, it can be done. Here are my top 15 millennials to follow to help you be successful in the modern professional world.
  1. Amanda Rivera

@inspiremeamanda empowers the next generation of thought leaders to build courageous brands that heal. 
  1. Broke Millennial

@brokemillennial is an author, speaker and a millennial finance expert who can help you get your financial life together.
  1. Sylvia A. Earle

@SylviaEarle is an oceanographer and 2009 TED prize winner. She is all about saving   and restoring the planet and the imagery on her Twitter is EPIC.
  1. Caroline Beaton

@cs_beaton is a journalist covering psychology, culture and health in a millennial world.
  1. Chrissy Horansky

@MissMillenial is a global champion for woman and girls who is also an education advocate. She is also the author of Girl Power in The Age of Millennials and I Believe in Magic.
  1. GenTwenty

@gen_twenty is a 20 something’s guide to life. Full of life hacks, motivational sayings and quotes, worth a follow for sure!
  1. Not Another Millennial Blog

@NotAMBlog aims to be unlike the other Millenial blogs out there, they are a bunch of writers who come together to create unique content that defies millennial hate.
  1. Randall Sean

@RandallSeanG is the founder of @MillenialLeader and host of the Millennial Leadership podcast which helps millennial and non-millennials thrive in this new era of leadership.
  1. YoungProfessionalist

@theyungprofesh is a millennial blogger climbing the corporate ladder while indulging in the occasional thirsty Thursday. It’s a cool look at the professional world while having some fun as well.
  1. Gary Knell

@garyknell is the president and CEO of the National Geographic Society, his posts about our world and the animals who inhabit it are truly breathtaking. Check him out. 
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