Apps To Help You Boost Your Productivity

Apps To Help You Boost Your Productivity
27 April 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Juggling work, uni and life in general is no easy feat, there are the never ending birthdays, assignments, and looming deadlines. Time management is an integral part of keeping on top of your work load but how do you ensure your productivity is at an all-time high as well? We’ve got the answer, and you’ll find it in the app store, it’s time to download some productivity apps to help you along the way.

While technology can sometimes be distracting, these apps will help to get you on the right track to helping improve your productivity day to day. I’ve tried a couple and let me tell you they actually work!

Here are my top 5 to get you accountable and on the road to success!


To put it simply this app will keep your life in sync, it can be used for life admin as well as work tasks and is super easy to use. You can set yourself reminders, assign due dates on projects and assign to-dos to work colleagues and friends, it’s also super easy to collaborate on projects by being able to talk through ideas on the app then begin to execute them. It syncs seamlessly between your phone, computer and tablet so you can access your to-do lists anywhere and at any time. It’s a game changer!


I actually don’t know how I did life before Dropbox, throw away your USBs and store, share and collaborate through the glory of the Dropbox. Essentially Dropbox is a file hosting service just like a server would be at a larger company. You can store and access all your files on there as well as share the links to give others the access to your files. I use it all the time to store my articles and the images I shoot for Instagram, it’s an easy way to share them with brands for approval and access them on my phone when I am on the go. I can’t recommend this cloud sharing file enough.

Google Keep

Google Keep lives inside google drive and at this stage is only available for androids, it’s a simple way to capture what’s on your mind, and you can use the voice memo technology to have a message or your thoughts transcript for you. Another huge plus is “archiving” your old notes instead of deleting them as you just never know when you may need them. You can also colour code your notes to give you a simple way to determine if the notes are for home or work, genius!

This powerful app works seamlessly with Google Calendar, Exchange and iCloud, you can customise it to suit you and it will also capture tasks by voice as well as keep all your events and tasks in the one place. You can also share your lists and assign tasks to get more done. Personally, it’s one of my favs.


One of my favourite things about this app is the lightning speed you can create a reminder, or repeat a reminder for weekly, daily or monthly. I use it to remind myself when to invoice clients and also when to do life admin tasks like tablets for my pup or visits to the vet. Due is all about simplicity and the interface is streamlined and non-complicated and it syncs to all of your other apps such as Dropbox and iCloud, you’re bound to never miss an appointment again with this epic app.
All in all, these apps are pretty amazing each in their own way, you just have to see what suits your needs and trial and test them. Now your productivity is at an all-time high, you can free up time to do more of the things you love!
Image credit: Photo by on Unsplash
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