How to Nail the Art of Cramming for University Exams

How to Nail the Art of Cramming for University Exams

8 November 2017    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Let’s face it, exams can be daunting for even the best students, let alone those of us that feel like they have to do double the work to get the same results. The good news is though if you are organized and use the right tools and techniques it doesn’t have to be as hard as you first thought, a positive mindset and knowing the syllabus will help you immensely, as will this article I’m sure. Check out my top tips for cramming like a pro pre university exam time.
  1. Keep all your notes colour coded and in easy reach

    A lot of time wasting can occur while you’re spending too much time trying to find your study notes it’s easier to get sidetracked and lose your train of thought. So even if you are leaving your revision to the last minute it’s time to get organized. Colour code each subject and file them accordingly so you can easily find/access them when they are needed, sort the syllabus into a checklist and decide how you are best going to learn each point.

  2. Syllabus is king 

    So what is it you actually need to know? Well the syllabus has it all, so put your main focus toward learning that. Teachers and lecturers will have a basic set of objectives they are required to teach and ensure their students achieve. Find out exactly what you are supposed to know and revise that accordingly. 

  3. Work out how you best learn and study like that

    Personally, I am a visual learner so it didn’t matter how many times I read my study notes they just didn’t stick in that brain of mine. I learnt that I needed visual concepts, images and little poems and sayings to help me retain the information I needed. Everyone learns and retains information differently and there are plenty of study methods available that will work for you. 

  4. Variety is key 

    Change up what you are studying, don’t just stick to the one subject. It’s easy to get bored this way and in most cases your brain will switch into auto pilot, you want to stay sharp and retain the most information you can in one sitting so study a heap of different material in one study session.

  5. Healthy body, healthy mind

    Make sure you stay hydrated and snack on slow releasing energy foods like raisins, nuts and bananas during your cram sessions, you need your body and brain to be in optimal health If you want to retain all of that information. Stay away from eating heavy foods (hello food coma) and energy drinks are a big no, no, you don’t want to crash and burn from a sugar high to a sugar low.

  6. Take regular breaks 

    Scientific research indicates that taking breaks during last minute revision gives the brain a much better chance of remembering what you have crammed into it, so try something as simple as 50 minutes on, 10 minutes off. If you have studied all day make sure you go for a walk in the evening to de-stress and recalibrate. You have to relax to succeed, there is no doubt that performing well in exams is important, but top marks are not the be all and end all, trust me when I tell you that not every success story began with a university degree. This is just the beginning of your life, so don’t overthink it, just take a deep breath and chill, you’ve got this! 

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