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Dear Mother Earth, we are sorry for what past generations have done to you. We are sorry we have pumped the oil from your land and for the thick smog that engulfs your sky. 
We are sorry we have cleared your beautiful trees to make room for apartments and houses, we have been greedy, selfish and just plain mean. But don’t lose faith is us, there is a new generation ready to take the reins and I think you’ll like us a lot. 

We know climate change is a thing and we are doing what we can to minimise it’s affects. There are people in power that don’t care as much as we do but we are educated on the subject and we want, no demand change! The fact our kids and their kids won’t see the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef or a Siberian Tiger anywhere but on the pages of google is saddening. We also don’t want war, the thought of going into battle with a stranger really isn’t that appealing. What we do want is to promote love and harmony, to use our intellect to reach peaceful and mutually beneficial results. We don’t want to see planes shot out of the sky and innocent people targeted because they were born into a certain country or religion. We don’t plan on using nuclear weapons because we know you can’t fight bombs with bombs. Our BFFs are an eclectic mix of religions, sexual identities, races and sexes – we just want everyone to be equal and have equal rights, we just love people.
We are more connected than ever before, we love to travel and want to see everything this great land has to offer so conflict just really isn’t our thing. We want to love thy neighbor we know that war and destruction are the ultimate dividers so we’re just not about it.

“We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity. When we get home, home is still the same, but something in our minds has changed, and that changes everything.”

Unlike the older generations, we also don’t want to conform, we like being a little weird and making our own rules keeps it interesting. The whole work 9 – 5 in a job you hate until you die doesn’t really sit well with us, we want a work life balance, yoga at lunch, almond milk in the fridge and fresh fruit in the tea room. Is that too much to ask?
We also have higher standards; we know you watched us launch a human toward you (ps was he American or Russian? Could you tell?) but now we have YouTube and there are some extraordinary people on there doing some extraordinary things. The high standards we hold force society to attempt unprecedented heights, to take the next thing we do viral and inadvertently spike our evolution process. At this rate it shouldn’t be too long before humanity exits in ways that only enhance sustainability and health.
We are blessed with some of the youngest and greatest minds that are focused on saving you our Mother Earth. We have TED talks on sustainability and fossil fuels, Daniel Burd at just 16 years of age has found a way to decompose plastic bags in as little as 3 months, my main man and favourite YouTuber of all time Kid Warrior lobbies for greener policies from worldwide leaders and at just 14 years of age is the director of earth Guardian, a non for profit that is committed to protecting you, the water and atmosphere. I promise you we are not all about planking and finger spinners. Thanks to go-fund me pages and Kickstarter we can donate money to these epic causes and get them off the ground quicker than before while at the same time prompting awareness for the cause.
We are much more likely to shun consumerism and tend to buy green even if it does cost us a lot more money, we recycle our glasses and plastic and even take reusable bags to the shops to do groceries.
So in conclusion, please don’t give up on us. We know you are angry, positively over it and we don’t blame you. We just want to do better if you’ll let us.
Your biggest fan always,
Today’s Millennials
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